iPhone Apps versus Android Apps: Who Wins?

Posted on February 26 2017

The vast competition in mobile and mobile apps will require one to think and rethink which one is the best and most useful. Clearly, there are high end Android phones now that is keeping up with iPhone or functions better than iPhone. However, if you are still having doubts and confusion whether to purchase iPhone or Android phone we would still choose iPhone.

When it comes to mobile apps let’s admit that only 2 big names come to mind, iPhone apps versus android. Who does it better? Our pick goes to iPhone apps. Why? It’s always first, always better, performs like no other and the experience it gives its user is always unforgettable. With the latest Apple phone models out in the market, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus offers many buyers options for their needs and with the iOs 10 this gives the users more reason to love iPhone.

If you check out the App Store, you’ll see that apps are better looking than the ones offered by android phones. Android apps may be mostly free and easily accessed by users but come to think of it quality always wins, right? It was reported recently that about 47,300 apps from the app store were removed simply because they were non functional, bad or abandoned by developers. That’s how well taken care of App store is and they always make sure that apps are better looking, updated all the time and top notch. iPhone is always ahead of their game.

Iphone iOs offers a wide range of apps to choose from so here we will share with you a few good reasons why choosing apps from the app store is still our big winner.

  • iOs gives you updates with new features, android phone well sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.
  • iPhone tends to get the best apps first because developers make more money from iPhone apps. Super Mario Run is a good example that it will be an exclusive iPhone game when it launches later this year. Woah there!
  • No carrier crapware for iPhone, which is good because these softwares on the Android phone are often impossible to delete from the device. Talk about crap!
  • Apple’s customer support is vast and always available and most of the time people are satisfied with the service.
  • When you Android phone mess up, nobody from the manufacturer can look into the problem. While Apple deals with Apple. End of story.

Iphone apps and android will always be the biggest rivals in the history of technology, there’s a thin line between these two but the more we think about it the more we can conclude that iPhone iOs is definitely secure and more private. It’s easier to break into Android and part of that problem is that users don’t usually update the latest version whenever it is available. 

iPhone’s privacy measure will drive you nuts but it’s a good sign that they are looking after the welfare of its users. Go ahead and take your pick.

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